Thursday, January 14, 2016

Airport Construction at Logan International Airport

McCourt Construction has over 120 years of experience offering a wide variety of services to a diverse client base. One of the major services offered by McCourt Construction is airport related construction. Project Manager, Ryan McCourt and the staff at McCourt Construction are experts in the complex scheduling, safety, and security concerns associated with building at an airport. Since the 1940’s, the McCourt Construction team has worked at several airports throughout the northeast. Based in Boston, McCourt Construction has worked largely with New England’s biggest and busiest transportation center, Logan International Airport.
Ryan McCourt McCourt Construction
Logan International Airport

Ryan McCourt and the McCourt Construction team have built or rebuilt every taxiway, runway, and apron at Logan International Airport. Beyond airfield construction, McCourt has also installed fuel farms, built ferry landing docks, constructed rip rap barriers and seawalls, erected training facilities, and installed security systems.

One of the biggest projects completed by Ryan McCourt and McCourt Construction is Runway 14/32.

Runway 14/32

Ryan McCourt McCourt Construction
Runway 14/32 Logan International Airport

Opening on Thanksgiving Day in 2006, Runway 14/32 became Logan’s first new airstrip in over 30 years. This project resulted in a mile long runway which included:

-250,000 cubic yards of fill
-150,000 tons of asphalt
-250,000 cubic yards of excavation

Additionally, the runway project called for extensive security measures which included the installation of state-of-the-art blast walls. In order to open the runway for traffic as soon as possible, the McCourt team worked under an extremely tight schedule. Working on an active international airfield created a confined work zone and unique scheduling challenges in order to accommodate existing air traffic. Despite these complications, however, the project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget. A letter from Massport commended McCourt Construction for their professional and timely work at Logan International Airport:

“This highly visible and controversial project was safely completed on-time, under budget and without controversy from the press or neighboring communities. This is a direct reflection of the attitude and professionalism that McCourt brings to every project, time after time.”

McCourt Construction was a recipient of MassPort’s “Contractor of the Year” award in six of the first seven years it was presented. Ryan McCourt and the McCourt Construction team are proud of the work they have accomplished. They are eager to continue working with Logan and other local airports in the future.

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